Does Your HVAC System Need a New Air Handler?

Whether installing a whole new system or replacing a broken down air handler, Custom Air Inc. is here to make sure this essential part of your heating and cooling system is installed properly.

What is an Air Handler?

The indoor portion of your heating and cooling system, you can usually find it as a large metal box connected to the ductwork. It is made up of heating or cooling elements, filters, a sound damper, and a blower to distribute the air. Air handlers generally come in single speed or variable speed. “Variable speed” refers to the ability for the fan to blow at various speeds depending on your output needs, while the single speed is simple either off or on at 100% speed.

Air Handlers in Greensboro, NC

What it Does:

The air handler is the part of the HVAC system which regulates and circulates the conditioned air. It helps filter and clean the air, as well as remove excess moisture—which is helpful during our humid North Carolina summers. A variable speed blower motor automatically adjusts the speed and flow of air to create a more even temperature throughout your home or workplace.

Variable speed air handlers compensate for factors such as blocked vents or dirty filters, and gradually reaches its full speed. This gets rid of that sudden and noisy blast of air that single speed blowers typically have. The variable speed air handler typically costs more up front, however, will more than make back that upfront cost due to its energy efficiency, creating hundreds of dollars in savings on your electric bill even in the first year.

At Custom Air Inc. we install Custom Comfort Plus brand air handlers for their quality and reliability. The specific Custom Comfort Plus brand air handler that will work best in your home depends on your home’s construction. No matter which unit you install, the Custom Comfort Plus brand offers what we believe are some of the best warranties in the heating and cooling industry.

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