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    Our maintenance plan is the best in the industry. For starters, there are no contracts. If one of our factory-trained maintenance experts does your tune-up maintenance, you automatically become a Priority Customer. That means we automatically contact you when it is time for your next tune-up, and you get the great benefits listed below in our Super Tune-up.

    Super Tune-up for $72!

    This is a thorough, 21-point cleaning and checking of your system. We clean and check the condenser section; check for carbon monoxide leaks; check motor amps; oil and grease motors; check all electrical connections; change your filter and more. Because dirt is the No. 1 cause of equipment failure, it is very important that you have your equipment tuned up twice a year − once for your air conditioning and once for your heat. These tune-ups will prolong the life of your equipment and lower your utility bills. All manufacturers recommend that your equipment has a tune-up done twice a year. And some warranties are void if a regular tune-up is not done.

    Benefits of Custom Air Inc.’s Maintenance Plan:
    • FREE lifetime thermostat warranty: If your thermostat fails, call us and we will replace it with a new, high-quality digital thermostat for FREE.
    • 10 percent discount on repairs: If your system breaks, call us and you will receive a 10 percent discount on the repair.
    • No overtime fees: If you regularly maintain your system with us, we charge our regular rate if you need us in an emergency, 24/7.
    • Reduced energy bills: Regular maintenance can lower energy bills as much as 25 percent.
    • Prolonged equipment life: Dirt is the No. 1 cause of equipment failure.
    • Priority scheduling: As a Priority Customer, you will be scheduled ahead of the non-priority customers.
    • Peace of mind: We will call you when it is time for your next tune-up.
    • Safety: You receive a 21-point safety check and cleaning tune-up at discounted rate.
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