Crawl Space Encapsulation: The Solution to Your Humidity Problem

You’re a good candidate for crawl space encapsulation if you notice excess moisture in your crawl space or there are signs of excess moisture, such as water damage, pest invasions or mold growth. Letting the problem fester will cause even more damage and creates health and safety risks.

Taking action now with Custom Air will completely prevent moisture from taking over your crawl space and impacting you and your family.

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Why is Crawl Space Encapsulation an Effective Solution?

Let’s start from the beginning: why does your crawl space need to be sealed?

The answer is that your problems regarding excess moisture are likely due to how the home was built in the first place. Starting in the 50s, many homes were made to “ventilate” the crawl space, but this extra airflow allowed excess humidity to collect and precious heating and cooling to escape.

Many newer homes don’t have this problem because they’re designed to be airtight for energy conservation, but we still recommend this one-time service to those struggling with damp crawl spaces. The many benefits of crawl space sealing include:

  • Mold Control – Mold only thrives in humid conditions. Keeping the air dry keeps you safe from the health hazards of mold.

  • Money Savings – Save as much as 18% on your heating and cooling bills.

  • Damage Prevention – Moisture travels from the crawl space to other parts of your home. High humidity can cause floors to warp and your HVAC unit to struggle.

  • Pest Control – Many people don’t know that crawl space encapsulation can often be a good pest deterrent as well. Sealing points of entry is imprtant to protecting against insects, snakes, and larger pests like skunks and raccoons.

  • Termite Control  – Termites eat wood and can cause significant structural damage to your home. This destructive pest prefers wet spaces and can be warded off by eliminating the wet conditions that they need to survive.

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