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    With ductwork tucked away behind walls and floors, it’s easy to forget about this important part of the HVAC system. But, without your ducts there would be no way for conditioned air to get to the rest of your home or workspace. Keeping them functioning at their best not only keeps your conditioned space more evenly heated and cooled, it can save on your energy bills.

    Duct Services in Greensboro, NC

    Ductwork Services From Custom Air, Inc. Include:

    • Duct Sealing

      Air leaks in your ductwork due to holes, cracks, or improperly connected ducts can lead to hundreds of dollars a year of lost conditioned air. As conditioned air moves through leaky ductwork, up to 30% of the air can get lost. These cracks in the ducts can also allow dust or other impurities to enter your home or office. Sealing your ductwork improves air quality and increases the energy efficiency of your HVAC system.

    • Duct Repair

      From the ground settling to home improvement projects to home disasters, your ductwork can corrode or become damaged over time. Custom Air’s expert technicians can fix your ductwork so that it is working at its maximum efficiency again and providing you with healthy air quality.

    • Duct Insulation

      Ductwork is typically made with sheet metal or fiberglass—neither of which are particularly good at preventing heat transfer. What this means is that an uninsulated duct is not able to efficiently keep its air cool on a hot day or warm on a cold day. Insulating your ductwork greatly increases the effectiveness of your duct system by keeping cold air cold in the summer and hot air hot in the winter.

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