How Can Great Service Get Even Better?

With a fantastic discount deal, of course! Maybe not as exciting as a sale on your favorite coffee or shoes, but our HVAC specials will certainly give you longer lasting comfort and health benefits. Whether it’s planned maintenance or an emergency repair or replacement, HVAC service can get expensive quickly. We believe everyone deserves a little good news and excitement around their HVAC needs. This is why we offer special discounts on select services.

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Our current deals include:

The Super Tune-up – Only $39.95

Save $50 on this thorough, 21-point cleaning and system check. This service includes:

  • Check for carbon monoxide leaks.

  • Oil and grease motors.

  • Change your filter.

  • Clean and check the condenser.

  • Check motor amps and all electrical connections.

  • And more!

Did you know that dirt and debris build up is the number one cause of HVAC equipment failure? Getting a tune-up twice a year—once for your AC and once for your heating—is very important in preventing equipment failure. In fact, all HVAC manufacturers recommend this, and some warranties are even voided if a regular tune-up is not done.

Normally $89.95, get your air conditioning or heating equipment tuned-up now for only $39.95!

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