Furnace and Heat Pump Repair Greensboro, NC.

    Custom Air Inc. is your trusted choice for Furnace and Heat Pump Repair in Greensboro, NC. area. Our Heating technicians are knowledgeable and on time. They are expertly trained and use only the highest quality parts! We stand behind our repairs with a dependable warranty.

    Heating Repair in Greensboro, NC
    Are you worried about whether your heating system will make it through the next winter?
    Custom Air provides heating repairs to all types of heating systems, including:
    • Furnaces
    • Heat Pump Systems
    • Packaged Heating Units
    Warning signs that your furnace needs repair:
    • Your furnace struggles to maintain warm, comfortable temperatures.
    • There are uneven temperatures – warm spots and cold spots – throughout your home.
    • You hear loud noises when your furnace runs.
    • You notice a sudden increase in your heating bills.

    Whether you need a complete heating system replacement, a few minor repairs, or preventative maintenance to keep your furnace in top condition all winter, call Custom Air Inc. at (336) 916-7112. Our team looks forward to providing you with furnace products and services of exceptional quality to keep your home filled with warmth and comfort.

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