Are you waking up most mornings feeling like you’re catching a cold? The problem may be low humidity or a lack of moisture in the air. It can happen in the winter when the cold air dries out your sinuses. Adding insult to injury, some heating systems dry out the air indoors. Or it may happen in summer when it’s so hot you must run the AC so much it strips the air of moisture.

Adding a home humidifier can solve your home’s dry air problem. Here are some ways a home humidifier can improve your health and indoor air.

1. Clears Sinuses and Relieves Congestion

You may develop a cough when the air is too dry. That’s because the mucus lining in your sinuses has become dry and sticky, making it harder for you to cough or blow your nose. When you add moisture to the air with a home humidifier, you can expel mucus more easily by coughing and blowing your nose to release trapped phlegm.

2. Relieves a Cough and Sore Throat

A sore, scratchy throat can occur when the air indoors is too dry. A home humidifier can relieve an uncomfortable morning sore throat by rehydrating the mucus membrane that lines the back of your throat and sinuses.

Dry air can also cause a cough by triggering contractions in your upper respiratory system. Air moistened with a home humidifier can soothe the upper respiratory muscles and ease your cough.

3. Helps Prevent Colds and Flu

When your nasal passages are moist, you have a natural defense against viruses and bacteria. Low humidity levels (less than 23%) cause bacteria and viruses to become more infectious via airborne droplets.

Studies show that increasing indoor humidity to 43% or higher can deactivate airborne virus particles and slow the spread of colds and other illnesses because they will be much less infectious.

4. Relieves Allergy Symptoms

Allergy sufferers often experience an inflamed nasal cavity, congestion, and irritation. Breathing air with a higher humidity level can help relieve these symptoms. When your nasal passages are moistened, it’s easier to blow out allergens and irritants that cause your symptoms.

However, if you use a home humidifier, make sure the levels don’t exceed 50% to discourage the spread of mold and dust mites.

5. Prevents and Relieves Asthma

When you breathe in allergens such as dust, pollen, and spores from the air, the smooth muscle in your upper respiratory tract contracts. This condition, known as asthma when it’s chronic, can be relieved by using a home humidifier. The humidifier absorbs the allergens that trigger the respiratory system’s response and reduces symptoms.

6. Improves Sleep Quality

Dry air can make bedrooms uncomfortable at night, leading to insomnia and sleep deprivation. Sinuses that aren’t lubricated sufficiently can also cause you to snore and interrupt the sleep of your partner and other members of your household. The use of a home humidifier at night can relieve snoring and discomfort.

That’s why many CPAP machines used for sleep apnea incorporate a humidifier to increase congestion and reduce a stuffy nose.

7. Relieves Dry Skin and Hair

Have you ever noticed that your skin becomes dry and itchy, your lips cracked and bleeding, and your hair lackluster in winter? Cold outdoor air dries out your skin and hair. To make matters worse, many heating systems pump dry air into your home. Counteract the effects by adding a home humidifier.

Adding moisture to your dry indoor air will make your skin softer and less itchy and add sheen to dry hair.

8. Improves Indoor Aesthetics

A home humidifier can do more than improve your health. It can improve your indoor air quality and help all around the home. With the added moisture in the air, your houseplants will look more vibrant. Humidity will prevent static electricity buildup and prevent wallpaper from cracking.

With a whole-home humidifier installation, you can even save on your home heating bills, too. Your furnace can run more efficiently because moist air usually feels warmer than dry air at the same temperature. We can also take care of your heating and AC installations, maintenance, and repairs. Heat pumps, ductless mini-splits AC, indoor air quality, and other related HVAC services are also available.

If you’re ready for more comfort indoors in every season, call Custom Air Inc. in Greensboro, NC, and ask about our home humidifier installation services.

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