Use These HVAC System Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Equipment In Great Shape

Welcome to Custom Air Inc.’s Helpful Tips page. We are the premier provider of heating and air conditioning in the Triad. Our goal is to provide the very best service possible. Because our quality control standards are high, we always recommend having a qualified technician check your system. But here are some things you can try first.

General Care of Your System


Every manufacturer recommends that you have your heating or air conditioning cleaned and checked every six months by a qualified technician. You should have your heat cleaned and checked during the heating season, and the AC cleaned and checked during the AC season. If you do not have this done, you typically will spend more money heating or cooling your home, due to lower efficiency, than you would have spent having the tune-up done in the first place. Dirt is the No. 1 cause of system failure, so your equipment life also suffers if you do not have a tune-up every six months. In fact, we guarantee your equipment will not break during the season that we do our tune-up, or we will refund the cost of the tune-up.

Air Conditioning

  • If there is ice on lines and/or on the coil: Make sure your filter is clean. If it is, call Custom Air Inc. in Greensboro at (336) 916-7112. If it is not clean, you may want to set up a worry-free guaranteed tune-up.
  • If the system is not working: Go to the thermostat and make sure it is set to “Cool” and that the setting is lower than the room temperature.
  • If the indoor unit is not working: Go to your breaker panel and see if you have a tripped breaker. If so, reset the breaker and call Custom Air Inc. to have a technician check the system for loose connections.
  • If the outdoor unit is not working: Go to your breaker panel and see if you have a tripped breaker. If so, do not reset it. Call Custom Air Inc. at (336) 916-7112.
  • If no air is coming out of the vents: Call the gas company to make sure your gas is turned on. If your gas is on and you still do not have air coming out of your vents, call Custom Air Inc..
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